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wanna be a freedom fighter?
(try not to sigh too loudly)
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17th-Jan-2014 02:49 pm - Fic Search!
I remember when I got into Jet/Zuko there was this one fanfic that I really enjoyed. That was a long time ago so I'll try my best to remember what I can.

1. The story is set a good couple of years later where Jet and Zuko are still together (Jet never saw Iroh firebending)
2. Jet and Zuko were actually way older, they live together in a village (?) and its peaceful
3. Jet still doesn't exactly know that Li is actually Zuko
4. Zuko in the end finally tells him
5. Jet had a suspicion but doesn't go batshit crazy on Zuko's ass

6. They live happily ever after :)
15th-Jun-2013 03:55 pm - Jetko Week 2013 Prompts Are Out!
r u done
They are as follows:

Sunday, Aug. 11 instinct
Monday, Aug. 12 stubborn
Tuesday, Aug. 13 masks
Wednesday, Aug. 14 alternate universe
Thursday, Aug. 15 boundary
Friday, Aug. 16 trust
Saturday, Aug. 17 memory

And there's a pretty sweet graphic to reblog on tumblr, too.

Who's excited? I know I am!
13th-Jun-2013 05:25 pm - Prompt Poll for Jetko Week 2013
r u done
Poll closes at midnight CDT on Friday, June 14. Pick your top seven, vote as many times as you want.

( le fake cut to le poll )

Thought I'd throw it up over here, too. Tumblr mods say prompts will be posted Saturday afternoon. *bounces*
2nd-Jun-2013 03:50 pm - Jetko Week 2013?
r u done
So some folks on Tumblr are trying to pull together a Jetko week this summer. I figured I'd pass along the info onto LJ, if anyone over here is still active and/or interested in participating.

The tentative dates are July 21-27 CORRECTION: make that August 11-17, and they're still looking for prompt suggestions.

It looks like fun to me~
2nd-May-2013 03:15 pm - Fic Search
Yaoi, RenIchi, Bleach
The first takes place after Zuko joins the GAang. Aang is shocked by Jet's ghost following Zuko and it turns out Zuko can see him too and thought that maybe he was going crazy because no one else could.

The second is a drabble occurring after Ozai's defeat. Jet asks Mai if Zuko still goes soft when you touch his scar. Mai tells him she'll kill him for touching what's hers and he responds that he was thinking the same thing.
3rd-Feb-2013 11:22 am - Jetko Drabble
eat, cat, camera
Just a drabble I was suddenly inspired to write a little while ago. The idea of a Jet-centric fic seems more appealing to me than ever lately. I'd like to continue this when I find the time. For now, I hope to receive some constructive criticism and a few ideas because I have absolutely no idea where the story is supposed to be going. Like I said, it was a spur-of-the-moment drabble:

The pain wasn’t anything new.

Jet was used to physical pain; he could take it just as well as anything. Back in the forest, he got injured more than anyone. Sometimes it was a simple accident. Other times it was because he was shielding a younger Freedom Fighter. Most of the time though, it was because he was “being reckless and stupid,” as Smellerbee often scolded him while angrily treating his wounds.

But this time there was a new kind a pain; an emotional ache, as much as Jet hated to admit it. And he knew what it was caused by too, or rather, who it was caused by. A certain Fire Nation bastard. A certain very obstinate, very cute, and extremely hot Fire Nation bastard, pun unintended. Li, if that was even his real name. The boy made him seethe with both anger and longing every time Jet thought of those sharp, golden, Fire Nation eyes and that deformed, yet beautiful scar (which, he realized, was quite often). The contradicting feelings were so strong inside him, a raging battle of long-held beliefs and bubbly emotions he’s never experienced before. If Jet thought about the internal turmoil for too long, he’d go slightly nauseous from confusion; he learned this from experience. Like now, as he curled his fists and mentally slapped himself for letting his thoughts drift back to the boy with well-worn Dao swords strapped on his back, wind lightly ruffling short, black and Earth Kingdom clothes that never quite fit him—

Smellerbee poked the Jet’s evident furrow, “Calm down, Mr. Lightening Brows. Your wounds won’t heal any faster no matter how much you pout about staying in bed all day.”

Jet opened his mouth to throw a smart-ass comment right back at Smellerbee but was cut off by Longshot, who had his eyebrow crooked in warning. Jet nodded, remembering what talking had done the last time he tried go off one of his animate rants that he so often needed simply to blow off steam. The healer said that at least four of his ribs were fractured, if not broken. She stressed that he stay in bed for at least a few days, but since he was a “healthy young boy” he would be up and about in no time. She also said that the emergency healing he had received helped his recovery immensely. Jet had silently thanked Katara for that.

Jet and his Freedom Fighters hadn’t seen Aang and the rest of them after they parted under Lake Laogai. Smellerbee had said that they ended up finding Appa; she and Longshot watched the whole tearful scene as they were carrying Jet away from the underwater prison. Jet had chuckled a bit at that. They were quite a melodramatic bunch.

Well, there you go. Thoughts and suggestions are welcome as well a ideas of how to proceed! ^^


25th-Nov-2012 09:45 pm - Writing Meme Advert
leo smile
I'm hosting a writing meme OVER HERE AT MY JOURNAL! If you're interested, come by and drop a prompt!


X-posted to saiyuki, princesstutu, and avatar_slash.
23rd-Nov-2012 04:55 pm - The Walls of Ba Sing Se: Chapter 16
joo dee

The Walls of Ba Sing Se

New chapter, Chapter 16/18

Genre(s): Romance/Adventure
Rating: NC17

Summary: Uncle never heated his tea, leaving Jet with a rather different obsession. In a city crowded with refugees, ruled by the shadowy hand of the Dai Li and the Bei Fongs, the Freedom Fighters find a new home and a rather unexpected new recruit.

18th-Nov-2012 05:01 pm - Never - Chapter Five
brainy, brainiac 5, superman, clark, superman/brainiac 5
Title: Never
Pairing: Jetko
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Romance
Summary: Charged with finding the Avatar, Pirate Prince Zuko joins the renegade band known as the Lost Boys, where he meets the charming and dangerous delinquent, Jet and his trusty pixie companion fire imp.

joo dee

Hi, Jin here!

I have -finally- finished the next chapter of “The Walls of Ba Sing Se” and find myself in want of a beta. The lovely people who usually help me out are either doing NaNo, swamped with work or have internet access issues.

Anyone willing to beta (spelling/grammar) the next chapter (9100 words, NC17)?

I'd be eternally grateful :D And you get to read the porn first.

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